Part 1 of our “PCOS- A deep dive” series:

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  • Posted On 06th Jan, 2021

Part 1 of our PCOS series:
A free ranging chat on PCOS, its diagnosis, and presentation.


(Day 1 was more of an intro session. We will go into more detail in future sessions).
• PCOS is a multifactorial issue
• Each individual with PCOS may present with different symptoms.
• Common symptoms include, but not limited to- menstrual irregularities, acne, excess facial hair, constipation, mood disorder
• Those with high and low BMI can develop PCOS
• Not all individuals who are found to have PCOS in ultrasound will show symptoms
• Insulin resistance plays a big factor in PCOS
• Circadian rhythm, stress, sleep, among other factors, deeply impact PCOS
• Management of PCOS is also multifaceted- treatment can be tailored based on how each patient presents.
• Treatment includes, apart from medical management, diet and exercise.