Metabolic Health Awareness

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  • Posted On 25th Jul, 2022

The term “metabolism” refers to various chemical reactions which occur in our bodies to sustain life. This includes how it produces energy, and how that energy is then used throughout the body for innumerable tasks – from maintaining basic vital functions (such as breathing, blood circulation) to building and repairing cells. Any disturbance in these […]

Get vaccinated against Covid-19

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  • Posted On 26th Mar, 2021

Have you taken vaccine against covid-19? If not, please do so at the earliest. The vaccine will not prevent you from getting the virus. However, by some source, if you do happen to get it, your body’s immune system will have adequate antibodies to fight it off, exhibiting very mild symptoms, if at all, any. […]

DiabEndoIndia TidBits- 06

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  • Posted On 18th Dec, 2020

Is exercise healthy?-YES! How long?- Ideally 1 hour daily. But not everyone can do daily exercise for 1 hour, for various reasons. So what’s the next best alternative? Split up the exercise timings You can do half hour walk in morning and half hour walk in evening. Or Three 20-minute workout sessions throughout the day. […]

DiabEndoIndia TidBits – 05

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  • Posted On 18th Nov, 2020

Simple method to help control/reduce blood sugar: *Chew well and eat slowly* Your digestion begins in the mouth.  So chewing on your food well will help enzymes in  tongue to initiate digestion of the food in mouth.

DiabEndoIndia TidBits – 03

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  • Posted On 04th Aug, 2020

Missed thirst signals:Have you even felt like eating something, like half hour after finishing your meal?  You may think “I just ate so much, am I still hungry??” Well, its not hunger, its thirst! Hunger and thirst signals are given off by the same part of brain, hence it can be confused sometimes. So next […]