Get vaccinated against Covid-19

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  • Posted On 26th Mar, 2021

Have you taken vaccine against covid-19?

If not, please do so at the earliest.

The vaccine will not prevent you from getting the virus. However, by some source, if you do happen to get it, your body’s immune system will have adequate antibodies to fight it off, exhibiting very mild symptoms, if at all, any.

Some points to consider:
°Side effects of vaccines are very mild – which include fever for a day or 2 at most, bodyache, fatigue, or mild pain in injection site

°What is not mild is the complications from getting the actual covid virus – especially in those with uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension, obesity and other health conditions – you can avoid this with the vaccine

°Millions of people across the globe have taken the vaccine – it is safe

Please don’t hesitate to get vaccinated.

It is still extremely important to wear masks and follow physical distancing post vaccination.