Part 4 of our “PCOS – A DEEP DIVE” series: “Keep Moving”

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  • Posted On 30th Jan, 2021

Benefits of Exercise in management of PCOS/insulin resistance [Recap below]


  • Exercise = aerobic workout, flexibility workout, and weight/strength workout
  • CONSISTENT exercise (with a healthy diet) helps to reduce insulin resistance, thereby reduce glucose levels, regularise periods, improve fertility, reduce stress, improves mood, improves sleep
  • Metabolic effect of exercise lasts for about 18-24 hours, thus, its important to make it a part of regular routine.  
  • Exercise is not JUST a method of losing weight.  It is a necessary essential part of daily life.  Movement is needed by the body for adequate metabolic function.
  • [Interesting study regarding weight loss in men vs. women – at 18:28]
  • Myths and truths discussed:
    • Women doing workout with weights WILL NOT make them bulk up.   
      • Muscle tone is very important for men and women, in terms of insulin resistance and hormonal function.
    • There is no such thing as “spot reduction” with exercise.
    • Pregnancy is not a contraindication for exercise. 
      • On the contrary, it is very important to “keep moving” during pregnancy.
    • You can workout anytime- no need to wait for fasting state, early morning, etc. 
      • Just avoid exercising “immediately” after a heavy meal.   
      • You can exercise (ex.walking) morning, afternoon, evening, or even after half hour after dinner.
    • Protein supplements are not necessary for working out/losing weight.  [42:44]
  • “Ditch the scale.”  – Weighing scales vary minute to minute.  It shows your weight, which is influenced by water, muscle, fat, bone.  Water weight especially makes the scale weight variable.
  • Don’t be so dependent on what the weighing scale says.  Your mood, body size, blood parameters are much better ways to track your health.