DiabEndoIndia TidBits – 05

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  • Posted On 18th Nov, 2020

Simple method to help control/reduce blood sugar: *Chew well and eat slowly* Your digestion begins in the mouth.  So chewing on your food well will help enzymes in  tongue to initiate digestion of the food in mouth.

DiabEndoIndia TidBits – 03

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  • Posted On 04th Aug, 2020

Missed thirst signals:Have you even felt like eating something, like half hour after finishing your meal?  You may think “I just ate so much, am I still hungry??” Well, its not hunger, its thirst! Hunger and thirst signals are given off by the same part of brain, hence it can be confused sometimes. So next […]

DiabEndoIndia TidBits -2

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  • Posted On 03rd Jul, 2020

Mobile link: Desktop link: We are back with another question for you! “I cannot lose weight if I have a thyroid problem.” Is this statement true or false? ANSWER: “FALSE”- having a thyroid problem, especially if under control, shouldn’t hinder any weight loss efforts!

DiabEndoIndia TidBits

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  • Posted On 26th Jun, 2020

Lets start our interactive moments! Quiztime: Which has more carbohydrates? 1 tsp of Palm jaggery (karupetti) or 1 tsp of white sugar? ANSWER: Both actually have SAME amount of carbohydrates. So if you happen to check your blood sugar before and after having palm jaggery and white sugar, you can notice similar spikes in blood […]

Some basics about viruses

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  • Posted On 10th Apr, 2020

By Dr.Thangarathinam What is a VIRUS?ANS: Virus is a microorganism, smaller than bacteria that can multiply inside the living cells of an organism Which organisms can be affected by viruses?ANS: Human Beings, animals and plants can be affected by viruses. How do viruses enter the body?ANS: Virus can enter the body through skin, conjunctiva,respiratory tract, […]