Part 3 of PCOS Series – “Whats the deal with carbs”

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  • Posted On 22nd Jan, 2021

Part 3 of our “PCOS- A deep dive” Series: RECAP: What’s the deal with carbs?• Insulin is a hormone needed for normal metabolic function of whole body• Adequate insulin action is needed for ovarian function (formation of one mature egg from multiple immature eggs). In PCOS, there is blockage of this formation pathway.• Insulin may […]

DiabEndoIndia TidBits- 06

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  • Posted On 18th Dec, 2020

Is exercise healthy?-YES! How long?- Ideally 1 hour daily. But not everyone can do daily exercise for 1 hour, for various reasons. So what’s the next best alternative? Split up the exercise timings You can do half hour walk in morning and half hour walk in evening. Or Three 20-minute workout sessions throughout the day. […]

DiabEndoIndia TidBits – 05

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  • Posted On 18th Nov, 2020

Simple method to help control/reduce blood sugar: *Chew well and eat slowly* Your digestion begins in the mouth.  So chewing on your food well will help enzymes in  tongue to initiate digestion of the food in mouth.

Some basics about viruses

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  • Posted On 10th Apr, 2020

By Dr.Thangarathinam What is a VIRUS?ANS: Virus is a microorganism, smaller than bacteria that can multiply inside the living cells of an organism Which organisms can be affected by viruses?ANS: Human Beings, animals and plants can be affected by viruses. How do viruses enter the body?ANS: Virus can enter the body through skin, conjunctiva,respiratory tract, […]

General sane advise for all

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  • Posted On 03rd Apr, 2020

General sane advise for all:Dr. Jayashree Gopal 1. How do we safeguard ourselves?a. Stay at home and avoid non essential travels.b. When you go out, use a maskc. Once you come back home – remove chappals and shoes outside home, wash well or have a bath, do not reuse same clothes for the next day […]